I attended to “The Amazing Spiderman 2” premiere in Paris and I’m so jealous of this couple. They’re the definition of love, pefection and cuteness.

Be my Andrew and I’ll be your Emma.


Yesterday I went to The Vamps signing in Paris and l loved it :)

The Vamps leaving the signing

James Video (credit to @Abbylains )

First: James. Greek blond God with blue eyes and incredible muscles, told me “bonjouuuuuur” with a perfect French accent.

2nd: Connor. He shook my hand and asked me “Hey how you doin’?” after drinking some orange juice.

3rd: Brad. I gave  my hand for him to shake it but he didn’t immediatly understand so was looking at me like “huh?” then got it and shook it with a sexy “oh!” and wink.

4th: Tristan. Not a look first when he signed but then when the bodyguard told me “come on Batman, move!” (I was wearing a Batman shirt), he looked at me, gave to me a big smile and shook my hand too.

I googled “eating gif” and all I saw was Jensen Ackles. EVERYWHERE.